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The Iceberg Model – The success of all change management, corporate reorganization and new systemic strategies is at the will of our attitudes and resultant behaviors. The first three compose the tip of the iceberg (only 11%) and the latter are the below the surface base (89%). So if you try to move the top of the iceberg without deep attention to moving the base also, how successful will you be? The answer is obvious. Yet companies spend so much time and resources to move the tip and waste so much not moving the bottom. Therefore, they try another and another and another strategy wondering why each system only works marginally well.

Attitude and clarity influence your ability to inspire or bully, to communicate or dictate, to empower or manipulate, to coach or intimidate, to contribute or to hide, to learn and grow or protect and deny, to be an authentic leader or just be in charge, to build a team or herd cats, to achieve aspiring strategies or fix crises, to mold others or model dysfunctional behavior.

We specialize in a wealth of leadership processes, strategies, tools and skills, all of which are learned experientially so that they are retained more successfully. This moves the bottom of the iceberg. We build in follow up skill bytes, reviews and coaching to maintain and embed them deeply into your work life and personal life. We measure them so that we can verify our mutual success, and we partner with you every step of the process. The bottom line is that the ability to Choose Your Attitude, which profoundly affects everything, has a dramatic, measurable affect on the quality of your performance professionally and personally.

We specialize in the one thing that changes everything – facilitating ATTITUDE

Trivergent International - Experiential Training

and behavioral shifts and learning the tools to maintain and regain those shifts.