Trivergent INternational

Our Process

Inquiry. At your request, we conduct anonymous—and quite candid—interviews with a representative sample of your employees. This will give us an objective, birds-eye view of your corporate culture, your strengths and challenges.

Recommendation. Assessing all of your “blocks” and “levers” in relation to the Individual, Team, and Company contexts, we co-determine with you which steps will effect the desired change with the least effort … the one thing that can change many things.

Design. Given the results of the diagnostic and the strategy developed with the key decision makers and stakeholders, we design the tools and content, scope, focus, timing and stages of the intervention.

Implementation. In partnership, we implement the agreed strategy —sessions, workshops, coaching, reviews, and measurement tools—that will increase your company’s growth and productivity.

Sustainability. We design and deliver follow up sessions, workshops, mentoring, internal capability, and other activities in order to reinforce, strengthen and embed the implemented changes long term.


Vital Corporate Culture, Global
Perspective and Responsibility,
Creative Vision, Increasing Stock
Performance, Internal Capability,
Long Term Sustainability,
Management of Change

Trivergent international


Building Superior Talent and Retention, Accountability, Work/Life Balance, Self Motivation and Inspiring Leadership


Creating High Performance Teams,
Handling Difficult Conversations, Promoting Diversity, Mutual Respect and Compelling Communications


The Point of Infinite Potential, the Intersection of Possibilities, the Commonality that effects Maximum Change, the Optimum Interaction of Inspired Individuals, Energized Teams, and Corporate Excellence – The One Thing that Changes Many