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The TriVergent consultants have been working with our company for the last four years to date and the quality of their training and coaching is highly valued throughout our organization. In the last two years they have delivered a leadership program to our top 100+ managers and executives that has made a critical difference in the success of our business. In the measurement tools they consistently receive the highest evaluations for their delivery and effectiveness. I personally have enjoyed the coaching process and believe that it has been a key contribution to my present success.

Roxane De-Freitas, CEO, Unilever            

TriVergent moved our staff forward so our staff could move our students forward. The result was students had an improved experience and success in their program and we had the highest increase in retention we had seen in years.

              Linda Muehlbauer, Vice President Learner Support,      
Capella University

Our team was diverse in age, nationality and experience and our objective was to build a local exploration company. Creating a coaching culture and an inclusive environment was critical to our team's success and it does not happen by accident! I invited TriVergent to develop a coaching program for the team. The tools TriVergent developed taught the coaching pairs to think, listen, act and behave differently to produce their results. Each year the team sited coaching achievements as being what they were most proud of. We learned to grow beyond what was previously possible for our learning and teaching, and coaching became the way we worked, not just another thing we had to do.

Dr. Elizabeth Jolley, Vice President, British Petroleum                       

The TriVergent consultants are unique and valuable partners, always ready to contribute in many and creative ways. Their involvement and contribution to the leadership change program in the Company have been critical for its success.

Pablo Garrido, Chairman, Unilever Caribbean         

TriVergent has done a remarkable job in providing the tools and techniques that resulted in accelerated development of our geoscience Challengers in the Exploration Team. Using survey methodology, they were able to establish a baseline and track progress which showed remarkable improvement in technical knowledge along with improved job performance. The accelerated development of our Challengers has made them globally competitive, and some are already stand-alone contributors at some of our international locations. Their strategy was a success.

Azim Ali, Learning & Development Manager, British Petroleum     

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